TIL- R Universal Dry Fix Ridge Roll Kit

TIL-R Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kits are a high quality, great value, mechanically fixed solution which are suitable for most ridge and hip applications. Note Additional components may be required for hips. TIL-R Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kits secure ridge tiles at the roof apex, and are resistant to wind uplift and water penetration and are ventilated to conform to BS 5534:2014 and BS 8612:2018 requirements.

Pack Contents – 6m x Ridge Roll

– 10 x Ridge Batten Brackets

– 13 x Ridge Unions (polyethylene) with 39 Union Clips (polyamide)

– 13 x 100mm Stainless Steel Screws

– 13 x Stainless Steel Clamping Plates

– 13 x A2 Stainless Steel & EPDM Sealing Washers