Code 4 Lead Flashing Roll – 6m x 300mm

Milled Lead is the only lead flashing manufactured to BS EN 12588, the British Standard for lead and lead alloys. The production process ensures the product is consistent and has a similar thickness throughout the entire length of the roll. It achieves this by passing a lead slab continually through two hydraulic rollers until a specific thickness throughout has been produced. Hence the common name for the product rolled lead .

Code 4 milled lead is as malleable as code 3 lending itself to be the perfect alternative when producing abutment flashings and soakers.   Its flexibility and resistant to wear with its increased gauge makes it a suitable choice for most types of pitched roofing such as hip, ridge, chimney, apron and cover flashings. The extra thickness of lead over code 3 offers additional thermal resistance which enables the pieces of lead you can use to increase to 1.5m in length.

Thickness : 1.8mm

Weight: 18kg