PVA 5L Sealer Bonding Agent

PVA is a multi-purpose, premium quality bonding agent, that has been designed to offer efficient bond strength. Moreover, it is a sealer that can be dilutable, providing better adhesion and cure to cement and plaster. Typically, it is used with plaster, cement, timber, gypsum wall boards and paper.

4 Trade PVA 5L

4Trade PVA is an excellent adhesive, highly effective primer, admixture, bonding agent and sealer. It is recommended for interior use and dry conditions. Solvent free formulation making the product safe to use and apply.

Unibond PVA 5L

Product Details Contractors PVA is a multi-purpose primer, sealer, cement and plaster admixture that adheres to most common building and DIY materials. Ideal for priming and dust sealing on flaking surfaces and as an adhesive on wood, cork etc. This is a multi-purpose agent, primer sealer, cement filler and plaster admixture

Unibond Super PVA 5L

UniBond Super PVA is water based universal adhesiveprimer and bonding aid. Particular properties. Use as a primer and bonding aid for plaster, as a cement admixture, a wood and general purpose adhesive or, for priming and dust proofing porous surfaces.

Bond It PVA 5L

A high solids, high performance sealer, primer, dust-proofer and bonding agent. Improves adhesion and reduces cracking in cements and plaster. Primes and seals porous surfaces. Quick drying, durable and has a very high bond strength. Better water resistance, adhesion and flexibility. Excellent drying at low temperatures. Phthalate free formulation (safer to use). Can be readily diluted without compromising quality.