Solder Ring 28mm Slip Coupling

The slip coupling acts as a sort of copper band aid that goes over the broken part of the pipe and stop a leak. This is a good way to save money by not having to replace the entire piece of pipe. If you have been experiencing a little bit of a leak in your copper piping, here is a step by step process to fixing it with a slip coupling.


Copper solder fittings are a resilient and reliable solution for your copper pipe fitting system in all types of installations. World Wide Metric’s copper solder fittings are compliant with the standards EN1254/1 and EN1254-4 and can be utilized in a wide variety of applications in both the construction and industrial engineering industries.

Solder Ring 28mm Elbow

Solder Ring Fitting Reducers Our Solder Ring Fitting Reducers are suitable for use on a wide variety of applications, including central heating and hot & cold water supplies. Solder Ring Fittings benefit from a pre- soldered ring that saves time when installing new pipework or repairing an old run.

28mm JCW Acoustic Soundboard 28 Plus – Cement Particle based Acoustic Overlay Board

28mm JCW Acoustic Soundboard 28 Plus is an enhanced performance cement particle based acoustic overlay board for timber floors. It is designed for use as a floating overlay floor supported on decking. Soundboard 28 Plus is a durable and hardwearing acoustic decking solution. At just 28mm thick acoustic decking solution minimizes construction height but still complies with statutory building regulations. Soundboard 28 Plus is produced combining an 18mm tongue and grooved cement particle board which is laminated to a 10mm  acoustic resilient layer.