25mm x 38mm Blue Treated Timber Roofing Batten – Per M1

For fixing Roof Tiles, Slates, and sheets, Batten colour may vary.

The battens are blue in colour indicating that each individual batten has been assessed, graded and complies with the strength requirements of BS 5534 : 2003 + A1 : 2010.

The battens are manufactured from timber selected from approved sources in accordance with BS 5534 : 2003 + A1 : 2010 and graded by an optical grading machine prior to the application of a colour pigmented preservative treatment.

For use as part of a timber roof structure to support concrete, clay, fibre-cement, natural slate or metal roofing tiles and/or bitumen or wooden shingles in accordance with BS 5534 : 2003 + A1 : 2010.