EcoTrax Heavy Duty Access Mat – 2430mm x 1230mm x 15mm – 44Kg

The EcoTrax Heavy Duty Access Mats are the perfect solution for Temporary Access and Ground Protection on-site, to allow access of plant and machinery, along with personnel, over soft or sensitive grounds.

Manufactured with 100% Recycled Waste Landfill material for a low-carbon solution.
This mat is one of the first products we offer, made with patented waste-to-waste technology to create something new from hard-to-recycle plastics that would otherwise be destined for landfills or incineration.

The production, empowered by Braskem, contributes to a circular economy through a new sustainable cycle with reduced CO2 emissions and less raw material use, and at the end of life, the mats can be recycled.

The process of ‘upcycling’ allows for a product to be created that is bigger than its sum, with no compromise in quality.
EcoTrax Heavy Duty Access Mats are essential for the construction, civil engineering, and groundwork industries and can withstand loads of up to 50+ tonnes (depending on ground conditions).

Its strategically positioned hand holes make the mat easy to off-load from trucks or pallets, and they help to reduce transportation costs. They can be connected using the EcoTrax 2-way connector that slips through each hand hole and connects from the top.

EcoTrax Heavy Duty Access Mats have no risk of corrosion and are a lighter and more ergonomic solution compared to alternatives such as metal mats, which require more energy to create and may have sharp edges.