Proctor Wraptite Detailing Tape 50m x 100mm Roll

Proctor’s Wraptite Detailing Tape is a tear resistant, airtight tape that fully bonds to all standard substrates and is suitable for internal and external applications. Wraptite Tape is quick and easy to install and supresses air leakage at openings, joints and penetrations as well as providing air-tight sealing of membrane overlaps.

Wraptite Tape has high vapour permeability that combined with its fully airtight performance allows moisture vapour to escape structures easily whilst maintaining the integrity of the building envelope.

When installing Wraptite tape, ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. The liner should be removed as the tape is being installed directly onto the substrate, to avoid any handling of the adhesive side.

Features & Benefits

  • Airtight yet vapour permeable
  • No primer required
  • Tear resistant
  • Suitable for sealing insulation boards
  • Free from Volatile Organic Compounds

Product Specifications

Length: 50m

Width: 100mm

Thickness: 0.65mm

Water Vapour Permeability: Sd 0.039m

Resistance to Penetration of Air: 0.01 m3/m2.h.50 Pa

Colour: Red

Cromar Vent 3 Classic Breathable Membrane 1M X 50M

A breathable roof underlay for cold and warm roof applications Vent3 Classic is a triple layer fabric, high performance breather membrane, made from high tensile spun bonded polypropylene layers, around a micro-porous polypropylene film. Designed for use in a fully supported or unsupported tiled, slated or metal roof system. The high vapour permeability and waterproof nature of the membrane, combined with excellent tensile/tear strength and high wind uplift resistance make Vent3 Classic the professional’s choice as the ultimate breather membrane.